Learning to Fly – Video


Ever since I was a little kid, I tried to imagine what it would be like to fly. Who hasn’t, right? Around the age of ten, skydiving caught my interest, and I started seeing it all over TV. In the same way that someone starts noticing all of the Mustangs on the road after they have purchased one, I started noticing skydiving everywhere I looked. I was obviously too young to skydive at the time, so skydiving was just something that always remained on my mind.

Opportunity Knocks…

Soon after graduating high school (age 17) I got a job at the new schlitterbahn that was built at South Padre Island. Long story short… There was a raffle held for all of the lifeguards, but I, as a supervisor was not eligible to actually bid on anything because we were the ones handing out the “Bahn Bucks” that would be used to bid on prizes. No biggie, what could they possibly be giving away? As you can probably guess, two of the prizes in the auction were skydiving tickets, and I had to have one. I approached several lifeguards and told them that I would pay them $50 if they won a skydiving ticket for me. To my surprise, one of the lifeguards won a bid for the tickets and I was able to skydive for the first time. This was a tandem skydive in which the person is attached to an instructor, and doesn’t really have to do anything other than enjoy the ride. The feeling of falling through the sky at around 120mph is indescribable, and I recommend it to anyone to try at least once in they’re lifetime.

Ten Years later (2011)

At age 17, I found it difficult to dish out the $2000-ish that it would take me to obtain my training and license for solo skydiving. Now at the age of 28, the goal was not so impossible, and so began my training as a skydiver.

Skydiving is not flying, it’s falling with style…

Yes, I know that skydiving is not flying by any means, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s an amazing feeling! Also, my interest doesn’t stop at skydiving. Something else got me back into skydiving, and it’s the closest thing to natural flight that a human can ever experience at this moment. Below is a video I put together of various jumps on my journey to obtaining my skydiving A-license. After the video, continue reading to discover the closest thing to human flight, which is next on my list…

Whats Next? Wingsuit Proximity Flying…

The sport of proximity flying is fairly new, and is thought to be the most dangerous sport in the world. The best way to stay safe is to stack safe habits in your favor, and know your limits.

Proximity flying is next on my list, but I still have a lot of skydiving, and base jumping to do before I can even consider it. Till that day comes, I’ll have to live through the cameras of the people that keep my motivation strong.


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