Enable Multitouch Gestures in iOS 4.3

iOS 4.3 was released not too long ago, and I for one was disappointed to find that multitouch gestures were not enabled. I suppose Apple and developers still have some testing to do before these features are enabled. Either way, here is a quick how-to, showing you how to enable them on your iPad or iPad 2 running iOS 4.3. (No Jailbreak or hacking required!)

One thing I should mention before we get started is that, you will need Xcode 4 from the Apple App Store for this to work. Xcode will run you $4.99.

Step 1 Download and install Xcode. Xcode is 4+ GBs, so the download might take a little while.

Step 2. Once Xcode is installed, launch xcode, connect your iPad and wait for your device to appear in your Xcode devices list.

Step 3 Click “Use for Development”
Use For Development - iPad 2 image Step 4 You will be asked to enter your iOS dev information. Chances are, you dont have a developer account if you are reading this, so click cancel.

Step 5 Wait for developer mode activate and then go to your iPad general preferences to make sure that Multitasking Gestures are set to “ON”.
Step 6, Enjoy!

For some examples of what you can now do with multitouch gestures enabled, check out the video below. (Random video from youtube demoing multitouch gestures)

Multitouch Demo

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