MobileNotifier – iPhone Notifications done right!

One thing that I have always. . .disliked about the iPhone has always been the way notification are handled, so I was pretty excited when a buddy tipped me off about MobileNotifier. MobileNotifier is iPhone push notification, truly done right. Just take a look at the video below for an example of what it can do. Even though its a strait forward install, I will give a quick explanation below as to what it takes to get this onto your iPhone.

First things first, you will of coarse need a jailbroken device. There are plenty of sites out their to get this done.

A few examples are: is trustworthy and has great tutorials. Just look through some older posts and you will surely find some nice tutorials to walk you through the jailbreak process.

If you are already somewhat familiar with the jailbreak process, you can just surf over to and download the latest jailbreak software for your OS (Windows, Linus or Mac)

Once your device is jailbroken, open up Cydia, and add ( ) to your sources.

Install and enjoy. You will not see an icon, and you can access notifications that you have marked for “Later”, by double tapping your “Home” button, just like you would access you multitasking bar. Enjoy!

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